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10 Things to Do to Make A Better Presence on Social Media

In social media marketing websites, you cannot just rely on creating random links and tagging a few people. Your success depends on the kind of technique you have. When you are having a hard time getting more audience, take a look at our tips below:

1. Be clear and smart on your goals.

Ask yourself why you are on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn in the first place. It’s not enough that you are there just because you are joining the bandwagon. You have to be relevant while making sure those goals are attainable.

2. Get to know your followers.

By identifying your target audience, it also helps you decide which platform to focus on. Follow when they are active so you know when is the best time to post.

3. Be as natural as possible.

The secret here is to sound like a human and not a machine every time you post something new. Cracking jokes can be a smart way to reach out to your followers. Doing this makes them more comfortable with you.

4. Build relationships.

There are brands that have hundreds of thousands of followers but fail to create rapport with them. In such case, it’s better to have only 100 fans who are loyal to you.

5. Schedule your content.

To make things easier to organize, keep an editorial calendar and follow it. By sticking to your schedule, you are able to be consistent with your content creation.

6. Utilize automation properly.

Using automating apps is the trend in marketing these days. While automation can make your life easy, it may also come with disadvantages. Automated replies, for instance, might feel like insincere on your customer’s side.

7. Market but don’t forget to help.

Hard selling is very important to get your brand noticed. But more than trying to sell, people will appreciate it more when you address their concerns.

8. Learn about the basics of social media optimization.

Optimizing your platforms are a far cry from optimizing your site for SEO purposes. The good news is that it’s less complicated and you only have to learn the tricks in using keywords and pictures.

9. Use visuals.

If you are not confident with blog posts and text-only posts, focus your efforts on visual content. You can choose between pictures and videos. For images, the best place for promotion is Instagram. For videos, use Facebook live.

Let the world know about what you do, your products, or your services. After all the you’ve done to build your presence, it boils down to your main goal which is to let people know about what you really have to offer.

In case you haven’t check the top performing brands in your niche, their pages are also doing these small tips to build their presence. There are a lot more that you will learn along the way. The best thing to do is to start and grow from being barely noticed to being one of the most followed brands online.

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