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5 Compelling Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Start Investing in a Mobile App

5 Compelling Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Start Investing in a Mobile App


If you’re a statistics guy like me, I always look for survey results and other statistics to help me make my decisions. In a recent survey conducted by Gallup, people actually look at their phones at least twice every hour to check something or probably do something that is work or entertainment-related.

What does this tell small business owners? Having a freelance app developers is no longer optional- it is mandatory. This is especially true if you want to gain a bigger audience and a huge customer base.

Today, I am going to talk about some compelling reasons why small business owners should start investing in a mobile app.

  • Apps Impact Our Daily Routine

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Smartphones are pretty good portable devices that allow people to pretty much have a “Swiss Army Knife” of features that they can hold at the palm of their hands.

If they want to take pictures, the phone has a camera. If they want to play music, the phone has an application for that. If they want to play games, guess what? The phone can do that as well.

Pretty much smartphones have become an important part of our everyday routine, but the phone is nothing more than a piece of hardware without applications.

Apps hold the key to increasing the functionality of the phone which means that if you create something that has a lot of key features, then your clientele will love you for that.

  • Mobile App Ubiquity

Aside from mobile apps having a heavy impact on our daily routine, small business owners can also rest assured the people are going to download their apps as well.

And, all of this is possible without having to spend a lot of money on traditional marketing strategies. All you have to do is create a compelling app, advertise it on your website, and perhaps implement SEO and ASO as well so that it will rank to the top.

  • Helps You Stay Connected

The beauty of mobile applications is that people can just install it on their phones and go about their daily lives. Once they want to acquire your services, they’re just going to have to whip out their phones and fire the app; it’s that easy!

This way, you can stay connected to your customers and they can get a hold of your services at their convenient time.

  • Improved Brand Recognition

When you buy a smartphone, chances are that there are already some pre-installed apps from big companies. Where am I getting at? Well, all I am saying is that those companies want their apps installed on some phones to get brand recognition.

Even if people really will not have any use for some apps, the fact that they can see it while they’re browsing their app drawers is enough for them to recognize your brand.

  • Improves Customer Loyalty

People want speed and convenience and if your mobile app provides both of them, you’re going to recruit a lot more customers in your consumer base.

Your app can also be a platform where you can announce any promos or new products you have in store for them; all without relying on traditional advertising methods

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