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5 Things to Remember to Avoid Social Media Blunder

In social media, it’s easier to commit a mistake than do something brilliant. It could be as simple as sharing a status on Twitter at the wrong time or committing a typographical error for your posts. As a brand, you have to understand that making mistakes is really part of the learning process. But as much as possible, you have to keep those mistakes from happening because they will eventually turn into crisis if you don’t control them. Here are tips that will help you prevent committing mistakes in social media marketing services:

1.Ensure your audience that everything is being taken care of.

When there is a crisis, it is normal for you to go into panic mode especially when you are bombarded with unpleasant messages on social media. Be ready for this especially when your company is not equipped with a control management team. Remind your followers that you are doing everything you can to fix certain issues you are dealing with.

2.Turn your loyal customer into a brand advocates.

They are the best advocates because they are also the ones truly using your products or services. Look for people who will serve as the advocates for your brand. These people are usually called the influencers in your industry. In case a mishap occurred, they can help in defending the brand from attackers. But don’t do this when something wrong already happened. Find your advocates early on.

3.Monitor your brand.

Be notified when someone mentions your brand with the help of a media intelligence platform. These tools use the power of artificial intelligence to alert you when someone mentions your brand in an unusual manner. You can take advantage of these platforms to search for the trending words in your industry.

4.Come up with a style guide.

Regardless if you hired one or a dozen of social media managers, make sure that they are well-trained in terms of communicating in your business pages. Your reference book should have the basics, including the proper usage of words and making sure each post is free from grammatical and spelling errors. Your style should also be consistent on all platforms, so include the importance of tone of voice in the reference book.

5.Secure your accounts as well as your computer.

This is important especially if you have several people working for you. The more people know about your account passwords, the more you are putting yourself at risk. Security measures should be taken into consideration but many brands fail to keep this on top of their priorities. Aside from securing your accounts on social media, also make sure that your computer is updated. You have to create a different password for every account. As much as possible, keep your passwords strong and hard to guess.

Social media can either make or break your business. In order to face anything that might come your way, you have to be well-equipped to handle them all. Follow these things to manage your social media accounts without too much stress.

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