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January 18, 2021

How to Look Taller?

Do you sometimes avoid any piece of clothing just because you are short? Fret not anymore because we have some key tips to add more inches to your height.


  1. Monochromatic. For all of you shorties out there, if you want to look taller, match your bottoms with your top so you’ll have the monochromatic outfit. For example, wear a white top with white pants so this will create an illusion of a taller silhouette. This will also elongate your height and look like you are wearing a one piece.
  2. Light Bottoms. Wearing light bottoms that are lighter than your skin tone will also elongate your legs. When your wear darker bottoms, it draws attention to that area and it will give the effect that you are shorter than your actual height.
  3. Shorter hemline. The next tip is to wear bottoms that are shorter such as short skirts or shorts that high-waisted will balance the proportion a lot better and it makes your legs look longer.
  4. Hats. Wear a hat that matches your hair colour because you can add a little bit of hype on top of your head that will draw the attention to your head, not on your height.
  5. Wrap Tuck. Learn how to tuck your shirt in your bottoms especially if you are wearing a long one which will overwhelm your body type. Try the wrap and tuck trick to resize your shirt into a smaller size. You can also roll up your sleeves if it is a little bit too long for you.
  6. Pointed Toe Pumps. Every single inch matters when you are short. They are super sleek, timeless and classy as it adds a nice colour to an outfit besides adding two inches to your height.

The main point here is don’t be afraid to play with a different kind of material and piece of clothing just because of your height. Be bold!