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February 25, 2020

More Traffic

More Traffic

How to Gain 21% More Traffic Without Producing Any New Content

How can you increase your organic search traffic by around 21 percent? Do you think this is possible without producing any new content? 21 percent is not really much of a progress. However, it equates to an additional, 3,000 organic page views every month. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Restructure

More TrafficIt is highly recommended to restructure a particular blog post. Add some new value to an old piece of content. Make sure to target all keyword variations.

Also, look for new ideas and topics to add. Weaving in new details to an existing body text can be challenging, so see to it that you will be able to inject everything effectively.

Begin moving around sections.  Write new copies for the new sections and topics. Incorporate the right keywords. Reflect on all the changes.

2. Consolidate and improve similar assets.

The next step is to consolidate another blog post into an already comprehensive guide. Even if that existing blog post already has a huge amount of traffic and comments, you can still improve it. Or, why not add it to another similar, longer blog post? This can go extremely well when implemented properly.

3. Incorporate an FAQ section.

Do you have an extremely comprehensive blog post that serves as a guide for a complex topic? You can create a new FAQ section based on this. By doing so, the details would be much easier to read and find.

4. Update and upgrade graphics.  

Upgrading all the graphics can be time-consuming and thorough, but trust me, this can work.

High-quality and unique graphics may not have a direct impact on ranking,
More Trafficalthough it can provide another set of benefits like improving brand perception, and making web pages appear more credible. In turn, this can boost user engagement.

Improved user engagement will work well for your SEO strategy. If you want, you can also add more videos—this can increase dwell time on the page. After all of the modifications, check if it would create any impact.