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Reinventing the Wheel: Why You Should Avoid This Common Web Development Blunder

The Reason Why You Should Avoid This Common Web Development Mistakes

Falling prey to certain mistakes while building a web application development is normal. There are errors that can happen even if you are already a seasoned web developer. The most common mistake many web developers make is reinventing the wheel.

When you reinvent the wheel, it means that you are wasting a lot of time trying to create something that already exists. We understand the need to be original. Who does not want to be unique, anyway? However, you should not exert all your effort trying to be so unique.

Does it mean that it’s okay to model your site on others? Yes, you can definitely take inspiration from others. You don’t necessarily have to copy.

Here are better things to do rather than reinventing the wheel:

Prioritize the look and feel your client wants to get.

What is the use of a very unique concept when your client does not completely agree with it? Your client will eventually base the aesthetic and feel of their sites to the preference of their visitors. You can even take some cues from the websites they enjoy visiting. Check out those sites and see how you can make one that has a similar look and feel.

Look at how your online competitors are doing.

Are your competitors ahead of the game? You will not look bad if you check their sites. Even the good sites right now took some ideas from the good ones before. It’s just your way of identifying why they are winning it. Check their strategies or if there are unlikely aspects then you can correct them when you develop your own site.

Run an online advertising platform such as Google Adwords.

Those who are truly serious in getting people’s attention would research what their audiences are looking for. Think about it this way: your targeted audience type keywords when they are on Google to look for products or services. You will waste a lot of effort building a beautiful web site when it is not optimized. In such case, an ad service focused on keywords can tremendously help.

Simplify things.

There are things in life that we should not complicate anymore. For instance, you can just order a code for a certain functionality that your client wants to see. There is no need to use an HTML5 or flash because it will be more expensive and it will take a lot of time to finish.

At this time and age, almost everything has already been done before. Right before thinking of creating something new, practice due diligence first researching about it.

For instance, if your client requests for a product configuration,  check for online utilities offering it online. Creating this functionality from scratch will take a lot of time and will eventually force you to rate your service higher. Your client might not have enough budget to proceed and that will encourage them to hire someone else, with a much competitive rate.

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