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SEO Survival Guide

Years ago, SEO-related articles were usually about day-to-day technical aspects on on-site optimization, keyword research and link building. These elements are still very important, however, their significance have changed and declined rapidly.

Instead, content marketers are advised to focus on quality long-form content, and then utilize SEO as an effective amplification strategy in the seo online marketing.

Here is a walkthrough on some important content marketing elements you should know today.

Always remember to keep SEO in its right places.

Don’t be one of those business owners overblowing the significance of SEO. It is important, but it is just a small part of your overall digital marketing approach.

Balance your resources and focus between the many website traffic sources you can receive: referral traffic, social media, direct traffic and offline referrals. You would want everything to be evenly balanced.

You should focus more on semantic search and user intent.

Remember to focus more on user intent and semantic search rather than individual keywords.

When producing content, make sure to focus on questions your target audience may be asking. Don’t just rely on 2- to 3-word catch phrases. You should write information-rich articles covering all aspects of a specific topic, rather than just producing shorter posts targeting a popular phrase or keyword.

You should focus on high-quality, hard-earned links.

Link building is not only about submitting your website to directories. It is about focusing on establishing strong relationships and getting high-quality links through the following methods:

Guest posting on high-quality, reputable websites

Getting in touch with influential bloggers to be able to form mutually-beneficial relationships

Building amazing resources that can naturally attract inbound links and social shares

Make and implement a good mobile content marketing strategy.

A mobile content marketing strategy is important in today’s world. Each aspect of your blog or website needs to be fully optimized for mobile.

Optimize your on-page content.

Choose conversational long-tail key phrases. To be able to fully optimize your on-page website content, you need write its every element intelligently. Compose your heading tags, image captions, title tags, and URLs meticulously.

Remember to focus on producing posts that act as a definitive source on an important topic, rather than just entering keywords.

Prioritize relationship building rather than focusing on the technical strategies.

Having a sound SEO strategy is not enough. The high search rankings you are aiming for can no longer be achieved by just creating keyword-rich blog posts.

You should shift your attention towards relationship-based strategies, such as establishing relationships with brand advocates and blogger outreach campaigns.

Utilize an integrated SEO approach, rather than a purely segmented strategy.

SEO, social media and content marketing tasks work hand in hand to bring in more traffic, establish good relationships and grow an audience.

You should understand how to move your leads through your sales funnel. For example, you need to attract huge volumes of traffic via social media. Then, filter this traffic by directing visitors to many types of targeted posts through your website.

Acknowledge and make use of social media as an important component alongside your own SEO strategy.

Blog posts with big social shares are known to improve search rankings. Being active and present on many social media platforms can tell search engines that your posts are trustworthy and credible. A strong social media presence is already a ‘must have’ these days!

Content distribution is very important.

This is not an SEO tip, but it is worth mentioning. Since all of us are always in a rush to create regular, compelling content, we are neglecting to distribute and promote our posts.

The solution? Just design and implement a modular yet cohesive digital content plan. Here are some points you can focus on:

Pay for distribution.

Make short pieces of content that can be used in various ways. Through this approach, you can maximize your resources.

Audience segmentation. Customize your posts for many audience segments to increase conversions and relevancy.

Reach out to influencers within your niche.

Focus on creating content with great value.

This is the most important advice of all.  You should focus on creating content with true value. Do this for your audience.  Amazing content with genuine value can soon become evergreen and can drive in traffic for many years to come.

Don’t be scared to over-invest in great content that can add something unique and interesting to the conversation. If your blog post is non-egocentric, and at the same time adds value, then, it will eventually get the attention it highly deserves.

What content marketing and SEO tips would you add to this list? Any story content marketing success you would like to share?

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