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The 5 Fundamental Rules in Pairing a Watch with your Suit

1. Be adventurous with style.

This is a rule that causes a division between many watch collectors and enthusiasts. Should you follow the “rules” or get out of your comfort zone? At some point, you would need to decide on sports watches with suits?

For many people, sports watches are not for black and tie events. But, it’s refreshing to switch things up a bit, right? If you want to wear your Apple Watch with your suit, go ahead. At the end of the day, this is a bold expression of your own style and character.

2. Focus on the occasion.

Learn how to dress for an occasion. Which type of watch is best to wear on business conferences and weddings? Well, the rule of thumb is this. The more formal your occasion is, the simpler you’ll want your timepiece to be. If you are attending a casual event, you are free to enjoy a vast range of watch styles.

3. Decide on the colors.

You need to get the colors right. Just like with any other accessory, you would want your timepiece to complement the colors of your clothes, and not clash awkwardly. Now, how can you choose colors effectively? The easiest way you can do is to settle for the monotone path. Pair your suit with a timepiece of the same color.

4. Size matter a lot.

Buying women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia can be challenging and difficult. There are tons of things to consider, most especially its size. Make sure that it fits your wrist perfectly. The size of the watch’s face and your wrist matters a lot. If you wear a small watch in your large wrist, you can throw off your own proportions. Choose a watch that perfectly suits your frame and your suit.

5. Settle for the most versatile straps.

Sure, the watch dial get the most attention. However, the strap is also a crucial companion when pairing the timepiece with your suit. If you are wearing metal belt buckle and accessories, pick a strap that is of the same tone or color as the metal.